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Straightening Machine

Straightening Machine


The straightening machine is applicable for

All kinds of metal materials.

Various types of axis and gear shafts.



Various special-shaped or irregular-shaped materials, such as round, polygon, and etc.

We provide the range of type of straightening machine

Hydraulic Straightening Machine

Go Through Type Straightening Machine

Platform Type Straightening Machine


Straightening machining in the old way is generally to use hammer pounding and use naked-eye to check its curvature. Due to the old way in the speed is too slow and it waste too much time, so the old way does not fit now straightening machining in the industry.

Through high speed and high precision steel bar straightening machines can solve the problems above, especially Chun Kai Straightening Machine. You choose a superior straightening machine like Chun Kai Straightening Machine and it can avoid increasing processing costs and decreasing failure rate on your materials.

Our steel bar straightening machine have passed many patents in Taiwan and China.

Chun Kai Machinery is one of the leading straightening machine manufacturers in Taiwan for more than 20 years. We provide superior quality and excellent service to fulfill customers' requirements and requests. We focus on research and development for straightening machine, includes hydraulic straightening machine, go through straightening machine, and platform type straightening machine. OEM orders are welcome.

For more details with straightening machine product information as following below

Hydraulic Straightening Machine

Hydraulic Straightening Machine is designed for the straightening a variety of bars made of steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel ...

Go Through Type Straightening Machine

Go through straightening machine is specially designed type of straightening machine by our research and development team ...

Platform Straightening Machine

Platform Straightening Machine is designed for straightening a variety of bars made of steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy ...

Automatic Feeding Screw Sstraightening Machine

CK-320 Model Straightening Machine is specific for screw and Bolt straightening.

Working Diameter: φ3~φ8 ...

Hex Wrench Biaxial Straightening Machine

Suitable for straightening the finished hex wrench which are heat-treated. The range of hex wrench lengths is from 100 to 300mm ...

Flat Plate Smoothening Machine

This machine adopts multi-roller straightening, also for special-shaped bar or flat materials. Inverter control to achieve stepless shift gear...




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